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If you ask any online marketing  expert what the most important strategy for business is, they will almost always rank email marketing as one of the top strategies a local business can use to increase profits.

Why eMail Marketing?

One of the most important benefits of email marketing is the incredibly high ROI.  It is because email marketing costs barely anything to collect emails or to write emails when compared to other forms of marketing strategies.

Email marketing is highly targeted meaning that the audience you are reaching is going to be very engaged and much more likely to buy from you.  Email marketing allows you to reach your audience whenever you want.   It is also highly personal because the message goes directly in their email inbox.  It makes the selling much easier.

Still not convinced? Then consider the following statistics:

  • Email marketing has a ROI of 4,300%

  • 91% of potential customers check their email daily

  • When surveyed, most companies rank email marketing as more profitable than any other form of web marketing – including direct marketing, social media or PPC

  • 1/3rd of consumers will open emails based on the headline alone

  • 66% of consumers over the age of 15 have bought at least one item as the direct result of an email campaign

What Makes Great Email Marketing

Convert Your Audience

All of the above should be enough to demonstrate the potential power and effectiveness of email marketing.  In order to reap these benefits, you need to ensure that you are approaching email marketing from the right angle.  This means understanding the process.

The most important part of email marketing campaign is the quality of the list.  It is not enough to simply send out emails to any and all email addresses you can find.  Instead, you need to focus on capturing the emails of people who perfectly match your target demographic.  These are people who are interested in what you are selling.  Most importantly, these are the  people who you have already built a relationship with and who are receptive to your emails.

The quality of your emails play an important role as well. You need to ensure that your messages are getting opened rather than ending up in the trash.  You need to ensure that those messages are delivering value and solutions so that your subscribers will feel exciting when they get future emails from you.  Your emails should include a Call-To-Action link so that you can convert your audience into paying customers.

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