Build An Email List And Grow Your Business

The Money Is In The List

Have you ever heard the saying “the money is in the list”?
Do you know why it is so important to build an email list for your business?

Having a large email list is the same as having a large group of targeted and loyal customers ready to buy your product or services.  By list we mean a database of contact details of people, such as the name, email address, and/or phone number.  The fact is that if you do not have your own email list, you will be struggling to make sales every day because you simply do not have a group of loyal customers.

Building An Email List Should Be The Top Priority

If you do not have an email list, you need to pay big money to advertise your offer every time you want to sell something.  It is definitely not an efficient to run your business.  Building a list of targeted people to your offer is the most important aspect to marketing online.  Whatever you sell, you must build a list of targeted customers.

When visitors come to your website and see your offer, most of them will not buy in the first visit.  They would go away and may not ever come back again.  These potential prospects would be lost in the internet world forever to somebody else who was building a list with your lost prospects.   This is a huge loss in your business!

How to Build An Email List

When people land on your website, what you should do is to use an optin form and offer them an incentive for exchanging for their name and email address.  You store these contact details in a database such as an autoresponder.  The incentive can be an informative article, video, or a special discount coupon code, etc.  When you send them the free article or coupon code, you can then redirect them to a sales page for your product.  Some people will purchase your product there but most will not.  However, you have not lost them because you already have their email addresses.  From now on, you can email them and further engage with them.

The Fortune Is In The Follow Up

This is where the marketing really happens after you have collected the email address.  Having a list is important. However, having a responsive list is more important.  If you fail to keep in touch with your list, your subscribers will forget about you very fast.  In order to build a responsive list, you need to build relationships and trust with your subscribers by providing values and solutions to them.  When you earn the trust from your subscribers, you become the authority and the go-to person in the industry.  Your audience will trust that your offer is the best among other competitors.  You can continue emailing similar offers to them and they will be excited and eager to buy your offers.

Remember, people will only buy from someone they like and trust.  With your own email list, you can easily get your offer in front of a large group of targeted audience.  This is why you often hear people say that “the money is in the list”.  Having a list of loyal customers is the single most important asset any business can have.  Having a list is the best way to deepen a relationship and trust with your audience.  It is where you can turn prospects into loyal customers.



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